Housewife’s rant goes viral because so many people can relate to it

Here’s a rant that will chime with housewives (and househusbands) who are mad as hell and can’t take it anymore.

It’s someone called Constance Hall who let rip on Facebook, starting (kind of) calm before ending up in a glorious four-letter tirade.

Recently while bitching about the fact that I do absolutely everything around my house with a bunch of friends all singing “preach Queen”, someone said to me “if you want help you need to be specific… ask for it. People need lists, they aren’t mind readers.”

So I tried that, asking.. specifics..

“Can you take the bin out?”

“Can you get up with the kids? I’m just a little tired after doing it on my own for 329 years”

“Can you go to woolies? I’ve done 3 loads of washing and made breaky, lunch, picked up all the kids school books, dealt with the floating shit in the pond.”

And yeah, she was right… shit got done.

But I was exhausted, just keeping the balls in the air.. remembering what needs to be asked to be done, constant nagging..

And do you know what happened the minute I stopped asking…?



And so I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not your job to ask for help, it’s not my job to write fucking lists.. We have enough god dam jobs and teaching someone how to consider me and my ridiculous work load is not one of them.

Just do it.

Just think about each other, what it takes to run the god dam house. Is one of you working while the other puts up their feet?

Is one of you hanging out with mates while the other peels the thirtieth piece of fruit for the day?

Is one of you carrying the weight?

Because when the nagging stops, when the asking dies down, when there are no more lists….

All your left with is silent resentment. And that my friends is relationship cancer..

It’s not up to anyone else to teach you consideration. That’s your job.

Just do the fucking dishes without being asked once in a while mother fuckers.

She clearly struck a nerve because at the last time of counting it’s been shared more than 100,000 times and generated more than 30,000 comments.

We think this is probably our favourite response.

If you want a man that does stuff then you should pick a man that does stuff…don’t ask me where you will find such a unicorn but don’t expect a donkey to sparkle

Why not try it in YOUR home and let us know how it goes.


Constance Hall has since published an update. And the good news is, it appears to work.

Appreciation post!!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

A week ago I wrote a post that went kind of viral about my mental load.
The fact that I don’t see why it’s my job to delicate jobs around the house in order to get some help.. (ammiright ladies?)

So that did the rounds, it reached nearly 15 millions people’s facebook pages and was liked nearly 200k times 💅🏾 (it would seem I ain’t alone..)

Queens backed me, blokes told me to jump off a bridge etc etc.

Now Dman…. has surprised me and taken A LOT.. of this on board all week he’s helped with everything WITHOUT being asked..

Yesterday when I collapsed in anger over a rat that’s moved into my pantry Denzy saw that I was overwhelmed, he made me sit down, cleaned the kitchen, put a load of washing on, made dinner, went to Bunnings to replace my broken aerial so I can watch Married at First Sight in bed, he found the rat!!! And extinguished the prick!!

Last but not least… the man has quit smoking….. 🙌🏽

I hate to say it but if I knew publicly bagging him would get him to move this quickly I’d have tried it ages ago 😂😂😂

Denzy told me yesterday that he’s sorry, he just shuts down when I get mad at him, but when he hears it in my voice that I’m struggling or overwhelmed he feels terrible and is now trying his hardest to make my life easier.

Love You Dman.

Ps I’ve been practicing my struggle voice ever since 👌🏽

And here he is in action.