‘6 ways of dividing England linguistically’

These 6 maps of England may well enlighten but are probably more likely to infuriate.

A pair of travel bloggers called Ryan and Janine have been visiting various parts of the country and decided to put their time to good use by doing this on their Facebook page.


Alreet lads and lasses?
I’ve been learning a lot about English dialects recently, and I want to start using my Photoshop powers for good, so I thought I’d make this.
If you want me to explain any of it, I’d be happy to give more information!
Here are six ways to divide England based on dialectal differences:
-By Ryan

And here they are, from the relatively straightforward (you’d have thought) scone to the rather more complicated medium-sized lump of bread.







You can find the pair on Facebook here.

Let us know what you make of their maps in the comments – we have no doubt the research behind them is impeccable.

We’re off for our dinner.