S Club 7 bloke sells Brit award and everyone feels really, really old

Former S Club 7 member Paul Cattermole has gone on eBay to tell his Brit award saying he has “bills to pay”.

He’ll be able to pay lots of bills after bidding hit £66,000 with three days still to go.

Here’s what he had to say on his eBay page.

“Here is the 2000 Brit Award for Best Newcomer Presented To Paul Cattermole from S Club 7 .

Statuette of Britannia 13 1/4 “ in height, it hasn’t been professionally polished, there are smudges that won’t come out without a pro polish. There are signs of age.

Where the arms meet the shoulders at the back, and where the neck and chest blend into the top of the dress. An indentation on the inside of the helmet. That is a casting bubble and has always been there. *See photos*

Letter of provenance will be provided , message for postage / meet and greet details .

Paul can meet you and greet you and take photos, distance depending :-)”

Except maybe he didn’t expect to hit such heady heights, coz he’s prepared to drive a few extra miles to meet you if you’ve going to pay that kind of crazy money (our words not his). Plus, he’ll let you off the five quid postage. Cheers buddy!

But, you know … seriously. WTF?

“I didn’t expect it too skyrocket like this . I am watching every bid very closely and the vast majority of people have huge feedback. Some in the thousands.

If there are some silly bids at the end on Monday I will be deleting them and/or coming strait down the line to the next bidder . So you can bid with full confidence. Plus, this does change the travel distance for the meet and greet and make it much larger.

Postage can now be ignored . I will cover the full cost of postage with the most secure carrier . Ask me for details.”

Here’s the the band at their peak (although, frankly, we don’t believe he is actually in this picture).

And here’s what people are making of it on Twitter.

And here he is on Twitter.

Not too sure he’s keen on that picture of him in the red top (sorry Paul).


So here’s another, with a neat line in self-deprecation.


He’s got two of them! How much for the pair?