Someone has redesigned the DVD covers of some romantic movies to make them like “50 Shades” but one of them really doesn’t fit

‘Hahaha they rebranded a bunch of classic “romantic” movies in the house style of “Fifty Shades of Grey” for this sale display and for some reason this is one of the movies’ writes @Sleezsisters over on Twitter.

OK here’s the romantic movies

And here’s Smokey & The Bandit!?

“Did you know that Smokey and the Bandit started out as ‘Deliverance’ fan fiction?” writes @Heyhietpas.

There does appear to be a trend of DVD covers designed by people who’ve never seen the movie.

Really. This looks like poor old Barbara has got 6 months to live and she’s being very brave about it.

Source: Twitter/@sleezsisters