Michael Wolff’s legal letter to Donald Trump is unfailingly polite and utterly devastating

Michael Wolff’s lawyers have written a letter to Donald Trump after the president tried to ban his tell-all White House book, Fire and Fury.

This must be why the legal eagles earn the big bucks. It’s the very definition of ‘politely devastating’.

Just in case it’s tricky to read, here’s a highlight or two.

“We have no reason to doubt – and your letter provides no reason to change this conclusion – that Mr Wolff’s book is an accurate report on events of vital public importance.

“Mr Trump is the President of the United States with the largest ‘bully pulpit’ at his disposal. To the extent that he disputes any statement in the book, he has the largest platform in the world to challenge it.

“Generalised and abstract threats of libel do not provide any basis for President Trump’s demand that Henry Holt and Mr Wolff withdraw the book from public discourse.

“Though your letter provides a basic summary of New York libel law, tellingly, it stops short of identifying a single statement in the book that is factually false or defamatory.

“Instead, the letter appears to be designed to silence legitimate criticism. This is the antithesis of an actionable libel claim.”

Or, to step outside of legal terminology for one second…