When you realise 2018 is going to be just the same as 2017

Don’t try to pretend you haven’t been there too.

This is how the Metro reported it.

A man swallowed too many Viagra and rampaged naked through an airport screaming nonsense at people – before hurling lumps of his own poo at passers-by.

North and South Korea hold historic meeting to ease military hostility Steve Cho, 27, from New York, had to be subdued by six airport security guards in Phuket airport, Thailand, after smashing through shops destroying goods.

Witness Wannee Ming, 28, said: ‘This was the scariest and most disgusting thing I ever saw at an airport.’

They have obviously never travelled with (insert the name of your favourite airline here).

And yes, there is a video.

Here’s how people responded online.





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