David Davis owned by the EU as he finally wakes up to the perils of a ‘no deal’ Brexit

David Davis is shitting himself – to use Westminster parlance – that the EU might be preparing for the possibility of a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

We know this because he wrote a letter to Theresa May, with his big crayon, in which he said the government ‘cannot let these actions go unchallenged.’

This is the same government that has been banging on about ‘no deal’ being better than a bad deal, has announced a Cabinet minister for ‘no deal Brexit’ and has set aside £3bn from the magic money tree to deal with the fallout of a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

But that’s enough from us, over to this EU Commission spokesperson who puts it much better than us.

What’s the German for ‘owned’?

And here’s what people have been making of it online.