Eight funniest reactions to the Home Office announcing they’re making British Passports blue

So the Home Office has announced that “Blue British passport to return after Brexit.”

Which, of course, is fantastic news because the colour of a passport is the important thing when taking away your rights to live and work in 28 different countries.

But for some Brexiteers, blue passports have become a totemic symbol of a nebulous type of freedom, although we suspect they’re partly doing it because it gets such a rise out of Remainers.

Here’s the eight funniest reactions:









As this Poke writer is old enough to remember their parents’ blue passport, we have to point out that passports didn’t look like this, it was dark blue to the point of being almost black much larger. Larger too.

But hey, as long as everyone is arguing the toss about the colour of passports, the Government can carry on turning poor people into glue, or whatever it is that they do these days.