Someone at Poundland appears to have started the eggnog a bit early this year

Poundland is really getting into the Christmas spirit, if its Twitter feed is anything to go by. It must be, like, two bottles in by now at least.

It was the teabagging one that really got people’s attention.

People were divided about it online but one lot who weren’t happy with it were Twinings (whose teabags were featured in the picture).

So the tweet was deleted by Poundland and then magically reappeared again, with one important difference.

Twinings weren’t the only ones who weren’t impressed.

Then someone asked these guys to get involved.

It’s not the first of its type to appear on the company’s Twitter feed in the last few days. Just the first to feature a teabag.







This one could run and run.

You pays your pound, you takes your chances. Your thoughts please!

Possibly Poundland won’t be too upset by the fuss. Probably shouldn’t have put that Twinings box in the picture though.