Donald Trump tried to vote by proxy but got his own birthday wrong

When the family Trump tried to sort their votes in the New York mayoral election last month, they weren’t entirely successful, reports the New York Daily News.

They filled out various forms allowing them to vote despite being on holiday when the ballots were cast.

It all went swimmingly, except …


Melania Trump forgot to sign the envelope, so her vote didn’t count.


Ivanka Trump posted it too late, so her vote didn’t count either.


And Donald Trump got his birthday wrong. He said 14 July 1946, when it’s 14 June 1946.

At least he got the year right. And his name.

It’s not clear if that means Trump’s vote didn’t count either, but he probably got that box wrong as well.

At least they’re not running the country, right?

Just in case you’re wondering whether this sort of thing should be made public.

But that’s not the scariest bit. The scariest bit is how Trump wrote the date. Looks like he got a 5-year-old to do it for him.

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