17 supermarket signs made by secret comedy geniuses

Working in supermarkets is tough work. the hours are long, the pay is bad and annoying members of the public sometimes look down on you.

However there is one respite from the tedium of it all: can you get away with sticking up ridiculous signs?

Here’s 17 of the very best that the fine people who work in supermarkets have to offer:

1. When you can’t remember the names of vegetables

2. When you want to encourage underage drinking

3. When you REALLY want to encourage underage drinking

Source: joyreactor.

4. When you subvert the very foundations of reality

5. When you just don’t care what you write on signs as long as it makes Barry in the back office giggle

6. When you see if you can get away with swapping in a funnier words

7. When you arrange things on shelves to make it frankly disturbing

8. When you’re just mashing language together to create new forms of art

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9. When you just want to tell the world how much you love ass

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10. When juxtaposition is your friend

Source: Reddit

11. When hiding a bit of the word just improves things too much

Source: mrchrisalf2004.blogspot.co.uk

12. When working at the supermarket sounds like too much fun

“I think I’ll skip that party” notes majorviolence over on Reddit.

Source: Reddit

13. So much fun that it leads to this

WOOHOO!!! Boneless Bananas!!! #SuperMarketFail #BonelessBananas #WTF

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14. When it offers you so many opportunities for trolling

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15. When you want to troll dad

Get Dad a real treat

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16. And you want to troll mum too

17. When you just want to stick up signs just to make people wonder “what the hell happened here to make that necessary?”

We salute all those who work in supermarkets and long may they continue to entertain us with their secret genius.