Donald Trump pronouncing Puerto Rico weirdly is the weirdest thing you’ll see Donald Trump do until the next weird thing he does

We’ve been watching this clip on a loop. Why? How is Donald Trump pronouncing Puerto Rico so weirdly? He does it twice and each time different, with the stresses all wrong.

Did some aid say “don’t mess this up Donald” and he was “I’ve got this, I’ve got this bigly”.

“The way his mrs looks at him when he says it! 😂😂😂” says @Richiepoweii.

“Sound like the foreign fans who comment on Premier League stuff haha” writes @Bryanfitzlfc.

“Seriously wonder if he’s all there anymore. You watch footage of him 20 years ago and he’s still a dick but far more articulate” says @Beardedgenius.

Source: Twitter/@BeardedGenius