This silent gif has gone viral because people think it makes a noise

Watch this gif, created by @IamHappyToast, and see if you think it makes a noise.

It’s totally silent, by the way. But loads of people think they can hear a thudding noise when the skipping pylon hits the ground.

Here’s an explanation (or two).

But did asking the question before we watched the gif affect what we heard in our head?

Us neither. You can read a whole lot more about it here, where a professor called Trevor Cox had this to say.

“There are well known cases of sensory inputs crossing to other domains, e.g. people who associate colours with sounds, so it doesn’t surprise me that for some viewers a sound results.

“We also tend to think of our senses as being separate, but our brain collates responses from all senses to work out what is going on. So I would say it is likely to be some effect in the brain rather than a physical effect like the acoustic reflex.”

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