These fake brand Pringles keep getting better the longer you look at them

Loving these fake Pringles that have gone massively viral on Twitter:

Let’s zoom in:

And those details in full

* Prongles. Like Pringles but wrong

* “Salt and Potato” – delicious!

* “Once you pop… that’s great” – perfect tagline

* Original Prongles – of course it is

* That rad pig on a skateboard – reminds us of when The Simpsons did the joke about adding the cool new character Poochie to The Itchy & Scratchy Show.

But is this a real crap product?

Well it’s real in that you can buy it, but apparently it’s intentionally crap and a promo for Cards Against Humanity.

Damnit, we want to believe.

Source: Twitter/@katangus