This woman’s partner is asking her to file bug reports to get the TV to work

Over on Reddit there’s a woman asking for relationship advice and it has just floored us – you have to read this:

I [32F] am being forced by my husband [33 M] of 3 years to file bug reports??

My husband is an engineer, and we’ve been together for 3 years, and bought a house together last year. He’s always been a tinkerer and I’ve been fine with it but lately it has gotten out of hand. It started with a smart lock. I don’t know why I regular lock wasn’t fine, we live in a safe neighbourhood, on the 7th floor in an apartment. I don’t think I’ve ever worried about a break in, but now I need to pull my phone out to unlock a door instead of my keys, and the app is buggy and crashing constantly. He keeps telling me how much better it is because we can remotely unlock our doors, but why would I ever need to do that? When the battery runs out I have to end up using a key anyway, so I don’t get the point of this thing, but fine. I lived with it.

Next came the smart TV. It never worked. It was connected to some type of raspberry thing, constantly breaking down. Every time I would ask him for help he got frustrated with me, as if I had done something wrong? I’ve since given up and just watch Netflix on my iPad (which he hates for some reason).

Next he installed smart lightbulbs in the house so we can set them using our phones. Except I have an iphone and he bought some brand that only works with Android and he has to spend hours manually configuring them all the time. I don’t know why he didn’t go with a brand that works with iphones but he said that he doesn’t trust them. I told him as long as I can turn the lights off with the wall switch I’m happy, but now those don’t even work anymore. I am literally sitting at home in the dark, calling him so he can turn the lights on for me. He keeps telling me I should get an android so I can use the app but I don’t want to lose my iphone.

Last week he told me that I can’t call him anymore when I’m having problems with the tech throughout the house, and I have to file a bug report on some git website. I told him I refuse to have to fill some online form just to get the lights working but he refuses to listen to me. I don’t know what to do, I’m at my wits end.

I’ve tried reasoning with him, but he’s convinced this is the better way. I don’t know how much longer I can stay.

tl;dr: My husband has gone home-automation crazy and won’t let me just turn the lights on with a switch. How do I get him to stop?


Source: Twitter/@guldeuxchats