Business book goes viral after being described as “worst book I have ever seen”

“I’ll never forget my old CEO having the literal worst book I have ever seen as required reading to get hired” writes Yooshie over on Twitter – gaining over 20,000 retweets and likes.

Let’s check it out shall we?

Just look at that cover – Rhinoceros Success!

Let’s take a look inside shall we?


Well this makes sense. Not.

“This whole book is a goldmine” writes @Yohosiefgc.

“Here’s another amazing page I somehow missed” notes @Yohosiefgc.

“Um. My wife works with cows. Cows do so charge. They hit as hard as you’d expect a one-ton beast to hit. Best strategy to avoid injury is to go limp. I bet the author would not approve of ‘going limp'” notes @Marick.

Source: Twitter/@yohosiefgc