That rare and wonderful moment when a politician speaks for the entire nation

Look at what Labour’s Emily Thornberry just said about the so-called foreign secretary, Boris Johnson.

One of those rare and wonderful moments when a politician speaks for the entire nation.

And because, let’s face it, you probably can’t read that, here it is again.

“We are all bound to ask: how many more times does this need to happen? How many more times does the foreign secretary have to input our international partners, damage our diplomatic relations, and now imperil the interests of British nationals abroad?

“What will it take before the prime minister says, enough is enough? But if the truth is that she can’t, because she hasn’t got the strength or authority to sack him, how about the foreign secretary himself shows a bit of personal responsibility and admits that a job like this, where your words hold gravity and your actions have consequences, it is simply not the job for him.”

And here she is in the Commons today.


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