Villagers burn BT van effigy in Bonfire Night protest over slow wi-fi

When you’re so fed up with the slow broadband where you live, that you do this.

Burn baby, burn.

it all happened in a village in Devon where people have been waiting for three years to have their broadband sorted out.

BT said the hamlet of Templeton is extremely rural which makes it ‘more challenging’.

So the villagers plotted a Bonfire Night revenge.

The 2D structure had the word “open” crossed out on the side of the van to be replaced with: “Won’treach”.

Adam Short, who lives in Templeton, told Devon Live: “I have only been in the village since June 2016, but I have been involved with the issue of broadband in the village since before our arrival. We’ve investigated everything – from private enterprise options, through petitioning BT, to co-funding options. So far, nothing has materialised.

Revellers watched on as the structure was burnt to the ground

[pictures and story source : via Devon Live]


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