People have worked out how to make sweary cans of beans DESPITE Heinz trying to stop them

Heinz Beans are doing a promotion where you can add your name to the can and they’ll print and send it to you.

However the swear filter is pretty strong stopping quite ordinary things.

Edward is bad because it contains ‘war’

Michelle is bad too as it contains ‘hell’

So, this being the internet, how can we get sweary beans? Well internet anarchist Ben Cameron has the answer: bad spelling.

We’ve done a little digging for you and worked out that simply doubling a letter will do it.

Or removing a letter:

Hmm… This looks like a keyword matching thing in javascript. Shall we take a look?

There’s a lot of it but we quite like the final line clearly added after all the rest as it’s out of alphabet order – can imagine an email going around the office, “anyone got any more?”


Anyway. A bit of javascript isn’t going to stop the internet swearing. Oh no.

Source: Twitter/@ben_cameron