Some students held a rave in a Greggs last night

Greggs transformed one of its Birmingham stores into a nightclub last night and became the talk of the campus after staging a rave.

The party followed a Facebook plea from Nikki Gardner (21), a University of Birmingham student, asking to throw a ‘Welcome back to Uni’ party for pals at her local shop.

Nikki posted; “Greggs – Any chance of having a party in your shop to get all my friends back together since coming back to Uni?’

The food-on-the go retailer responded saying ‘Can we come?’ and took on the challenge transforming its shop into a fully Greggs-ified nightclub.

A 3-hour transformation saw the shop at Birmingham’s 41 High Street, kitted out with a sound system, club lighting plus inflatable neon doughnuts and pizza slices.

Ahead of the party, Nikki, an International Relations Student, was granted a VIP guest list for her friends to gain entry to the ‘one night only’ pop-up club.

Complimentary sausage rolls and steak bakes were handed out.

Clubbers partied to sets from DJ Dan Kelly and The University’s DJ society, Mix Soc.

#MinistryOfGreggs was a thing last night and it was the most fun I've had in ages #greggs #party #steakbake

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Some bangers were dropped and we’re not just talking about the sausage rolls (sorry);

Students these days… #Birminghamunaayy #ministryofgreggs #beeninvitedtoahousepartybackonTiverton

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Social media posts bearing the hashtag #MinistryofGreggs caused intrigue on social media feeds and have given a glimpse inside the private party.

Glitter cannons were unleashed;

Staff broke out the glow sticks;

But some students were confused.

Some dressed up for the ocassion;



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One guy went as a pastie;


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Ministry of Greggs!

Next stop Ibiza!