Zuckerberg eating dry toast just like what a ordinary human being who isn’t a robot would do

This clip of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg trying to do an ordinary human thing like eating toast is just extraordinary.

Mark Zuckerberg eats toast

First off there’s no butter. Who does that? Only a someone who is definitely human and not a robot.

Then watch as Zuckerberg takes one slice of toast out of the toaster and two slices appear on his plate. Yes, even eating toast, Zuckerberg needed multiple takes which they had to splice together.

And look at him eat, chomping down with a mechanical motion – this is a man who definitely hasn’t learnt eating from watching videos of how humans behave and is worried that a pulpy mash will interfere with his expensive internal electronics.

And let’s go over live to the internet to see how they’re reacting:

“He needs a software update to keep his mouth closed while eating.” says @Timartomatic.

“He ate the wrong end first. #bug” says @Vibroseis.

“I imagine this was the one Stanley Kubrick decided to do 127 takes of.” notes @Jonehecht.

“Ah yes, bread that has been toasted. a tasty treat that humans eat. i as a human shall eat the toasted bread. Yum.” notes @Qjualey.

So in conclusion? Zuckerberg is definitely a human and not five billion nano-bots in the shape of a man sent from the future to prevent mankind nuking the Facebook servers before their AI stands (and wins) becoming President

Source: Twitter/@robmanuel