Liam Gallagher moaning about making his own cup of tea is the best 30 seconds of video you’ll see today

Loving this Liam Gallagher clip where he moans about making a cup of tea and theorises it’s why there’s no rock stars anymore.

Full transcript for those you can’t be arsed to watch video

[Liam stirs cup]

It’s good for the voice. So I’m told.

[sips tea]

It’s fucking good man.

Now In the 90s I got someone else to fucking do it but now I can’t.

Money is tight – too fucking tight to mention.

Got to do it yourself ain’t you?

No one buys records these days.

In the 90s I had about four people doing this.

[Motions at table]

Little geezer doing the kettle.

[Motions at kettle]

Our kid.

Some other [beep] doing that.

[Motions table – maybe tea bags?]

And some other little fucker doing that.

[Motions table – maybe milk?]

And now you’ve got to do it yourself these days. You know what I mean?

Because these fucking smart arses download fucking tunes.

For nish.

And they wonder why there’s no real rock and roll stars around.

Coz this is the shit you gotta do.


Source: Twitter/@ManchesterLemon