Ian Botham goes full ‘accidental Partridge’ with 5 Live interview about giving pheasants to food banks

Ian Botham was on Radio 5 Live this morning talking about his ground-breaking plan to help food banks by giving them pheasants what he’s shot whilst out with his mates.

The 10,000 game birds will also include partridges, which seems entirely appropriate given how his interview with 5 Live’s Rachel Burden ended up today.

Listen to the whole thing here.

In case you can’t stomach the whole course, for every partridge curry or pheasant casserole people buy in the shops – get ’em while you can! – Botham’s scheme will donate one of the birds to a food bank.

Blindingly obvious practicalities aside, sounds like a winner!

And here he was, in the same interview, when he was asked about the cricket. Except by then he wasn’t playing ball anymore.

Well, it’s rarely straightforward talking about farming issues on the radio as any experienced broadcaster will tell you.

The interviewer, Rachel Burden, went on Twitter to say she had ‘no agenda’.

But Botham wasn’t leaving it there.