Father of bullied boy asks for people to wish his son a happy birthday and the entire internet joins in

Wow. The internet can be a terrible place but sometimes it’s wonderful. This boy has asked celebs to wish his bullied son a happy birthday and so many have joined it it’s utterly fabulous.

“Strange request. Anyone know anyone famous/well known who could send Ollie a positive/9th birthday message.

“The bully keeps saying to him that everything O has, he has bigger/better/more often. O excited for his birthday but keeps being told it won’t be as good as his own I would be so grateful and

“I appreciate it is an odd request. Just would love someone to tell him he does mean something.” writes @Hopenlesmyth over on Twitter.

What a request! How could you not want to help? And here’s just a few of the celebs who’ve joined in:

Take that bullies – just such an amazing response here, it’s actually making us emotional.

Russell Crowe!

Al Murray


Sara Cox!

Ricky Boleto!

Boycie from Only Fools & Horses!

Jake Humphrey!

Ore Oduba!

Monica Lewinsky(!)

Alfie & Zoe!

Dawn French!

The boy’s father says, “Guys this has gone crazy and I appreciate all the wonderful messages. No names have been mentioned other than me & my children. I just want 11 hours ago to keep it like that, some people will know the bullies and I hope they keep names out of this. I started this with no malice & certainly did not expect the reaction it has recieved. I for one thank each & everyone of you. I will respond as and when I can, I promise. Please just be kind to each other #PASSONTHEPOSITIVE and please be nice.”

And finally… The Englad team with an invite! How amazing is that?

Source: Twitter/@Hopenlesmyth