BBC presenter speaks for the nation when she tells Boris Johnson: “Please stop talking”

Boris Johnson was on Radio 4’s Today programme doing what Boris Johnson does – talking a lot and saying very little – and presenter Mishal Husain just couldn’t take it anymore.

Here’s the exchange in full.

Mishal Husain: So the invitation to Donald Trump should not be rescinded despite what he said about Sadiq Khan?

Boris Johnson: I don’t wish to enter into a row between those two individuals who are able to stick up for themselves, if I know them both. But Sadiq, as mayor of London, was perfectly right to reassure the public about the presence of armed officers. And I have to say it really is bizarre that we should be on Thursday be confronted with the possibility of prime minister Corbyn, home secretary Diane Abbott.

MH: Okay, right. No, no, no, please stop talking.

BJ: [scoffs indignantly] Please stop talking?! You’ve invited me on your show to talk.

MH: No, no, I actually said … It’s the third time you’ve mentioned Diane Abbott. You’re the foreign secretary, you’ve got a big job in government.

BJ: [laughing] Please stop talking! Go on.

MH: Whoever is PM, the Brexit negotiations will start in just over a week’s time and you’re putting forward a board of trade. What will our opening negotiations be?

BJ: The PM has set out very clearly in her Lancaster House speech what our priorities will be …