This truly wonderful Roger Moore story will soothe your aching soul

Lots of terrible news today including the sad passing of Roger Moore but this fab story is worth a read as @Mrkenshabby writes, “This truly wonderful Roger story from Marc Haynes is soothing my aching soul”

Us too chap, us too.

Man – welling up now! And so are other people:

“They broke the mould, what a lovely man” says @Dbanksy.

“Absolutely magnificent and true to form of Roger’s immense warmth” says @Jollyolly.

“Christ that got me right – as the young people say – in the feels” writes @Hoskas.

“I’ve had watery eyes many times in last 18 hours or so.. Happy, glorious tears so very very welcome” writes @Barcajim.

And if you want more Roger Moore and who doesn’t? This story was posted by a chap who runs SmeshPod a rather fantastic Bond podcast. Give it a listen.

Source: Twitter/@MrKenShabby