British couple thought ‘all-inclusive’ package holiday to Rhodes covered WHOLE island

So this British couple finished their meal at a restaurant on the Greek island of Rhodes and just, like, walked out.

When the owner ran after them to suggest they might like paying their bill, the middle-aged pair rolled up their sleeves up to flash their ‘all-inclusive’ wrist bands.

That’s right. They though their all-inclusive holiday package covered not just the place they were staying, but the WHOLE island.

What did they think it was, Westworld?

For entirely childish reasons, the story is even funnier when translated by Google from the original Greek newspaper report.

Tourists believed that all inclusive applies everywhere! They ate in P. City and showed the wristband!

This happened! A pair of British tourists traveled to sanitary store in Old Town, on Hippocrates Square, considering that it can eat and drink what he wants without pay because of the holiday package … all inclusive paid in the travel agency!

As stated in the ‘democratic’ the shop owner, a middle-aged couple, went to the shop ordered, ate, and he congratulated for the quality of food and services, stood up to leave without paying the bill!

Once greeted and instead head to the cashier went to the exit, then the owner kindly ‘reminded’ that had to pay.

Both, rather surprised, showed their bracelets to the store owner, saying, that they have paid vacation package «all inclusive», apparently believing that we had free food and drink in stores throughout the island!

The store owner, explained to them that the all inclusive only applies to the site in which they reside and then puzzled couple, as described in “d” the shopkeeper, took out money to pay the bill and left, he realizsed that he could outside the hotel, will be putting his hand in his pocket to consume food or drink.

As stated by the owner, a similar incident happened last year in the store, again at the beginning of the season with customers who felt that the all inclusive paid holidays extended to businesses throughout the island!