Watch the moment ‘pompous’ Piers Morgan tipped Nick Clegg over the edge

When Piers Morgan laid into Nick Clegg on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today, we’re not sure if the former Lib Dem leader (and ex deputy prime minister) was about to walk off or burst into tears.

In the end he ended up calling the former Daily Mirror editor an “extraordinary man”. It’s safe to assume it’s not what he was thinking in his head.

Here’s some of what Morgan said:

“A lot of students in the country will look at you and think that was a pretty cynical move to promise to the end of tuition fees and then treble them.

“But I will take you at your word that you are the shining bastion of non-cynicism in an otherwise cesspit of cynicism of Westminster – and thank God you’re here.”

To which Clegg responded:

“Extraordinary man. You’re so pompous, Piers, you really are.”