Donald Trump cuts Sesame Street’s funding. Guess which kids’ show trolled him for years?

Donald Trump wants to cut funding to PBS, the home of Sesame Street.

We’re sure it’s just a coincidence that the show, featuring Big Bird, Cookie Monster and all the rest, has trolled “Ronald Grump” and his “Grump Tower” with particular relish over the years.

Here’s just a flavour, as highlighted by the Washington Post.


Ronald Grump wants to build “Grump Tower … It’s a duplex can-dominium.” AKA six rubbish bins stacked on top of each other. It doesn’t end well.


As played by Joe Pesci, “Real estate tycoon Ronald Grump has announced plans to demolish Sesame Street and create a lavish new Grump Tower.” It doesn’t end well.


“Donald Grump” returns in 2005, this time featuring an orange fright wig and promising “I’m the trashiest, I’m the grouchiest Grump.” It doesn’t end well.

And just to bring things fully up to date, here’s Elmo reacting to the looming budget cut.