Frankie Boyle on Boris Johnson: “Like Oswald Moseley’s soul trapped in a Furby”

Here’s our three favourite things from Frankie Boyle’s latest column about Brexit.

On Boris Johnson:

[quote by=”XX” cited=”XX”]”He’s just there to divert us from the horrific things the government is planning, like a nodding dog stuck to a serial killer’s dashboard. The media has a lot to answer for in terms of promoting the image that Boris is sweet and cuddly, when in fact he’s more like Oswald Mosley’s soul trapped in a Furby.”[/quote]

On Theresa May:

[quote by=”XX” cited=”XX”]”Ever since [she was defeated in the Lords] has worn the appalled expression of a famously strict headmistress who has intercepted a note being passed between pupils that turns out to be a breathtakingly vivid representation of a masturbating werewolf.”[/quote]

On Jeremy Corbyn:

[quote by=”XX” cited=”XX”]“It must be depressing being [him]… Knowing that your chance of becoming Prime Minister is so slim even the MI6 group working on how to discretely bump you off have packed it in.”[/quote]

You can read the full column on Boyle’s Facebook page here.

His columns occasionally turn up in the Guardian, last month complaining that his latest missive had been rejected because of a joke about Rupert Murdoch.

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