21 Seriously Strange Tripadvisor Reviews

Holiday rant forum Tripadvisor is an odd place at the best of times, but delve a little deeper and you’d be amazed at the unhinged accusations and off-putting anecdotes you uncover.

Here are 21 of the best.

1. ‘Absolute dump’ is right.

taPic 1

2. Everyone knows that ‘strawers’ are like a dog whistle for toddlers.

3. The owner probably charged him extra for the compliment.

4. “I’m A Member Of The Public, Get Me Out Of Here!”

5. “Do you want me to put my shorts back on or not?”

6. “I’m all for having a laugh but.”

7. Could you remind us what the staff did?

8. Paranormal Activity II: Tripadvisor Edition.

9. Maybe the shower was broken?

10. And the award for ‘weirdest thing anyone’s ever found in a pillowcase’ goes to…

11. “Damn it Sandra! Why didn’t you pack the midget repellent?”

12. “Whoops! Sorry. Here you go.”

13. “It was different back in the 70’s”

14. They do say potatoes contain a lot of iron.

15. Sid clearly needs a holiday. Or possibly a little lie down.

16. Ghost Penises R Us.

17. It’s probably worth mentioning that this ‘romantic meal’ took place in Macdonald’s.

18. You’ll never guess why he’s called Mick The Braces…

19. He might lack personality, but he’s got a great aim.


21. And finally, the best psychic reading of all time.

compiled by @Hilary_W.