19 reasons why the world loves Justin Trudeau (and not just because he looks like Hugh Grant)

Phwoar! Everyone loves Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau right now, and not just because he owned Donald Trump and looks like Hugh Grant’s British PM in Love Actually.

Ivanka Trump, like, totally loves him, but don’t let that put you off.

So does the Duchess of Cambridge. Don’t let that put you off either.

Here’s 19 reasons why the whole world loves Justin Trudeau.

1. He’s got a tattoo.

2. He does yoga.

3. He dressed up as Luke Skywalker.

4. He takes his shirt off.

5. He boxes.

6. He went to ComicCon wearing a Superman T-shirt.

7. He was in a TV movie.

8. He can balance babies on one hand.

9. Seriously, he can. (AND he’s wearing a kilt).

10. He was on the front of a Marvel comic.

11. He can dance.

12. When he addressed the European Parliament they were too busy taking pictures of him to listen to what he had to say.

13. This is his family.

14. Here he is dancing again.

15. He likes animals.

16. He can do this.

17. He does funny stuff.

18. This is what he looked like when he was 18.

19. He doesn’t take any shit from Donald Trump. But you knew that anyway.

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