Oreo Creme Egg – the best/worst idea ever?

Oreos good. Creme eggs good. But Oreo Creme Eggs?

We’re not so sure.

It’s the same chunky chocolate outside, and it’s still shaped like an egg – obviously – but instead of that white and yellow sticky mess you’re familiar with it’s choc full of Oreo cream and biscuit filling.

The biggest innovation since a Scottish butcher wrapped a Creme Egg in sausage meat, do let us know what you make of Cadbury’s latest creation.

When you can find it, that is.

Twitter was overcome with eggs-citement at the prospect but not too many who had actually found one (although they have been on sale in Canada for a while now).

That’s a long way to go though, even for an Oreo Creme Egg.

Not everyone was so excited though.