This kid is wearing the perfect t-shirt considering his job

TheGamerXym over on Reddit writes, “Ran into this at our local greasy spoon this morning”

  • “That kid is either 9 or 37”, notes LargeCokeNoIce
  • “I worked at my family business since I was eight years old. Summer vacation just meant my dad had another employee to help in the warehouse. I felt like I was missing out on so much fun, while my friends were out riding bikes and playing baseball I was learning how to drive a forklift and unload trucks. In the end, however, I learned life lessons. I learned how to manage people. I learned that hard work really pays off. And today, I think I’m a better man for it. Also, it helped he was a drug dealer. I’m f’n rich”, writes gandalfsnutsack
  • ‘”The designer of this t-shirt laughs in the face of kerning”‘, says splityoassintwo

Source: Reddit