This guy creates outrageous books and then reads them in public

Comedian Scott Rogowsky like to ride the New York Subway and pretended to be full absorbed in highly questionable, self-made publications such as…

1. 101 Penis Lengthening Tips You Can Do At Home, The Office Or On the Go



2. 10,000 Dick Pics


3. How to Hold A Fart In


4. 1,000 Places To See Before You’re Executed By Isis


5. Human Taxidermy – A Beginner’s Guide


 6. Why Women Deserve Less


7. and Tinder Training For Toddlers


Other dodgy titles include Ass Eating Made Simple, Mein Kampf: for Kids! and Slut-Shaming Your Baby.

Several passengers appear more than a little surprised by the man’s interest in questionable literature.

The first video was such a hit he did a follow up.

Rogowsky told The Guardian that very few people talked to him about the books he was reading. “I mostly got chuckles and guffaws and gasps. About a dozen people took photos, trying their best to be surreptitious. One girl pretended she was putting on makeup, using her phone as a mirror, when really she was snapping away.”

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