Someone has been using Freedom Of Information Requests to call the Gov “c*nts” via a series of acronyms

WhatDoTheyKnow is a public service – described on Wikipedia thus:

WhatDoTheyKnow is a site by mySociety designed to help people in the United Kingdom make Freedom of Information requests. It publishes both the requests and the authorities’ responses online, with the aim of making information available to all, and of removing the need for multiple people to make the same requests. The site acts as a permanent public archive of FOI requests made through it.

However a mystery person called Delilah Cormorant has been banned from the service for sending requests with rude acronyms.

Just read out the first letter of all of these:

And the first letter of all of these:

And that list in full:

  • Applications Rejected Seeking Excessive House Of Lords Expenses – ARSEHOLES
  • Tabulated Oxfordshire Social Services Early Retirement Statistics – TOSSERS
  • Thames Water Added Trace Substances – TWATS
  • Bus Operators’ Luggage Limits On Corby-Kettering Services- BOLLOCKS
  • Falmouth University College Kitchens- FUCK
  • Staff Hearing Industrial Tribunals – SHIT
  • West And North Kent – WANK
  • Bath University Government Grants Evaluation Request – BUGGER
  • Cabinet Office Canteen Kitchen Supplies- COCKS
  • Coventry University Nine Term Students – CUNTS

Source: Twitter/@ptr_yeung

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