This guide to “office jargon” de-baffles in an amusingly accurate way

Sometimes, the things people say in a work environment can be a little confusing. Literally nobody knows what ‘blue-sky thinking’ actually is, for example. The clever folk over at @ArenaFlowers, however, have deciphered five of the most confusing examples of office jargon so we don’t have to.

And here they are:

“I’m taking this upstairs.” – “I’m going to the bathroom to cry about my poor life choices.”
“Run it up the flagpole, let’s see who salutes.” – “I am an idiot.”
“I want this actioned ASAP.” – “Is this all there is? This can’t be how my life ends up.”
“Let’s touch base before close of play.” – “Please hold me.”
“Can you ping that over to me?” – “Satan is Lord. Let the soul harvest commence.”

Source: @ArenaFlowers

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