This “Yahoo Answer” about Stalin has gone viral because it’s so great / awful – depending on perspective

Nearly 7,000 people have shared this Yahoo Question on Twitter and as the poster @Mattdpearce says, “this Yahoo Answers page gives me life.”

A transcript in case that’s hard to read:

How to get a haircut similar to Joseph Stalin without showing the girl who cuts my hair a picture of Joseph Stalin?

I have an undercut right now but would like to do something a bit different with my hair style wise. I saw a picture of a young Joseph Stalin last night and his hair is amazing, I want it so badly. I just would really like to avoid showing the lady who cuts my hair a picture of Joseph Stalin because you know, he was a dictator that turned the USSR into a peasant society and ruled using fear as a tool for persuasion. I was thinking of showing the lady who cuts my hair a picture of Zayn Malik as the style is kind of similar but not really. I don’t know what to do. I just know I want this haircut.

But as marauder replies, “I feel your anguish. Stalin’s steel-booted brutality aside, that is one amazing haircut.”

And if you DO want something to show your barber – here’s a shot from the side too:

Looks a bit like Melvin Bragg. That’s our advice. Ask for a “Melvin Bragg.”

Source: Twitter/@mattdpearce