Corbyn’s incomprehensible technobabble: the five funniest Twitter jokes

Ol’ Jez has been on the cyber-pills and spitting out technobabble in his latest statement:


We now face the task of creating a New Britain from the fourth industrial revolution – powered by the internet of things and big data to develop cyber physical systems and smart factories.

It’s nuts isn’t it?

This stuff is meant to communicate and there’s 5 terms in this one sentence that are possibly unfamiliar or vague to an audience that isn’t immersed either in both technology and politics:

Let’s count them:

  1. Fourth industrial revolution
  2. Internet of things
  3. Big data
  4. Cyber physical systems
  5. Smart factories

As @PaulbernalUK says, “Has Jeremy Corbyn been replaced by a random word generator, using a database from a bad PR company?”

The thing is Corbyn is kinda right: the left has to find away to project a positive future that isn’t just criticism of the status quo, and the technological-genie is not going back into the bottle.

But this is reads like jargon-y word-salad and Twitter has been loving mocking it:

Here’s the best five:





5. And @Hrtbps went to town with THREE images and says “I fixed those Corbyn quotes to make them more understandable.”

But seriously, if Jeremy Corbyn could just speak a bit more clearly and go, “we need to use technology to build systems for the common good instead of just enriching the elite few” then maybe we wouldn’t be looking at him with mockery and blank incomprehension.