Have The Sun really darkened the image of Brexit legal challenge winner Gina Miller?

@Crookedfootball over on Twitter says, “Look how the Sun has darkened Gina Miller’s skin compared to the Times”

The Sun:

The Times:

And this news has travelled widely – getting over 3000 retweets and likes on Twitter.

But obviously this could be just web bollocks so @Ajjolley has checked the paper versions next to each other:

“Printed in same plant”, he says, “Little doubt the Sun darkened photo of Gina Miller”

However @CaeruleanSea says, “as much as I loathe the Sun, the Times have upped the exposure on their pic. Google pics from that speech.”

And yep – he has a point: look at the BBC coverage

In conclusion: the media has sent us all so entirely mad, that we’re now checking how dark people are in Photoshop.

Update: And here a Times Night reporter Duncan Geddes confirms that the Times lightened it:


Right, that’s settled then.

Source: Twitter/@crookedfootball

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