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Buying high-quality tyres online – a quest or an easy thing?

So you need new tyres for your car and think about saving a little bit by using one of those popular online tyre shops… But shopping online frightens you off because of the mind-blowing variety of car tyres available.


Not only do you need to consider your vehicle’s tyre specifications, your style of driving, and the type of terrain the tyres will be used on, but, what is even more daunting, you can’t touch what you are going to buy. However, in spite of all these hitches, online dealers of tyres ensure that buying tyres online is actually a no-brainer if you involve professional assistance provided by the shop. We will guide you through the tyre types and things you need to know while shopping online.

Tyre types and dimensions
The first thing you should consider for choosing the proper tyre is its size. The right information can be found in your vehicle’s handbook or on the sidewalls of your old tyres. There are usually 5 parameters. For example, 195/50 R15 92H means:

• your tyre has the sector width of 195 mm;
• its aspect ratio (width to height, in %) is 50%;
• diameter of its rim is 15 inches;
• its maximum load is 92;
• the speed rating ‘H’ means that the maximum speed is 130mph.

After you find out what parameters you are looking for, it’s easy to make an order.

These crucial criteria help you to narrow your search:

Price. Premium tyres are a serious investment as they pay back with a longer mileage (up to 20k miles), tangible fuel economy, better grip in a wet weather, decreased noise, and shorter stopping distance. If you are looking for a great value for your money, search for mid-range brands. Budget tyres don’t provide benefits of the premium high-quality tyres, but they are still ok for the summer season.

Type of vehicle. 4×4 SUV, a van, or a camper require different types of tyres, so ensure you set these parameters while making your order.

Season. The climate in the UK allows drivers to use all-season tyres all the year

round, but who said you don’t deserve a better performance (and safety) in wet winter weather?

Run-flat? This technology allows the driver to drive a considerably long distance after getting the tyre punctured. But you can opt for run-flat tyres only if your vehicle was designed for them (check it in your car’s handbook); otherwise, fitting is probably impossible.

Finalize your order and wait for the delivery

On the final stage of making an order, you are asked to provide your postcode which allows the shop to choose the best possible delivery destination – to the tyre fitting centre that is the closest to the buyer. Some online shops enable you to track your order to ensure the tyres arrive at the correct address and in time!