The four best Twitter reactions to THAT awkward photo of Farage kissing new UKIP leader Diane James

So Nigel Farage has stood down as UKIP leader and UKIP have voted MEP Diane James to replace him.

Farage says, “I’m right behind @DianeJamesMEP and I urge all in UKIP to support her.”

But the news on Twitter is people taking the piss out of this awkward kiss photo:

Here’s the best 4:


Twitter / @RupertMyers


Twitter / @JamieRoss7


Twitter / @Scriblit


Twitter / @MrKenShabby

And finally, @Richard_littler over on Twitter notes, “Diane James’ logo seems to suggest that UKIP makes Britain look like a bell end.”

Doesn’t it just?

Source: Twitter/@richard_littler