School playground equipment in the year 1900 looks awesomely dangerous

Wang_Dong over on Reddit writes, “school playground equipment in the year 1900”

“The birth rate was so high back then they must have had plenty of spares.”, says joepyeweed.

Whereas rickdod3 writes, “I work for a park and playground equipment manufacturer that has been in business since 1919. I have a few older catalogs dating back to the 30s. It’s terrifying how sketchy some of the playground equipment was that we use to sell.”

‘This is a 2 page spread from our 1938 catalog. Notice the page to the right. The “Giant Stride” was a rotating swinging death trap essentially. “It forces stretching and twisting of all the muscle of the body and is considered a splendid piece for physical development”‘, rickdod3 continues.

‘Also the “Synchro Power Saw” which is “perfectly safe – will not accidentally cut fingers”‘, points out rickdod3.

We want a time-machine to the past – all this some looks awesome.

Source: Reddit