Watch a cyclist going faster by laying flat and not peddling

This is the most amazing bit of cycling we’ve ever seen. Just watch.

Not sure who I'm more impressed with

Amazing, isn’t it?

The core of it is that he’s more aerodynamic in this position and that’s more helpful than peddling.

Klobersaurus writes, “he’s riding fixie (or “fixed gear” which means no free-wheel aka pedals rotationally locked to the rear wheel). Once the bike gets moving faster than you can pedal, you start to be a drag on the bike. By taking his feet off, he allowed the back wheel to spin free. he IS more aerodynamic, but that’s only part of it.”

Whereas Kairujex says:

So many great moments here:

1) his little prayer or whatever at the beginning

2) whatever he is doing to get his feet out of pedals and slowly up the back

3) somehow balancing on his manhood and lying down

4) zooming past everyone

5) the cyclist who points to him as he zooms by like “wtf is this?!”

6) the guy on the scooter who takes both hands off the wheel to take a photo

7) the incredulous acceptance that it worked, followed by him not knowing how to get his feet back in without losing them

8) the cliffhanger ending. Did he keep his feet? Did he win?

But as RegularSizedRudy3 says, “Somewhere in the world, this dude’s mom is having a heart attack over watching this tomfoolery.”