12 reasons to love Yorkshire

Today is Yorkshire day, so let’s take a look at some of the things that makes the UK’s largest county so special.

1. Public transport has the latest technology.



2. Nothing can come between Yorkshire people and their tea.

3. Or booze.

4. Yorkshire McDonald’s reflects the local dialect.

5. Educating Yorkshire exposed another glitch in the Matrix.

6. Yorkshire has the best festivals.

7. People know how to treat their Mums.

8. Yorkshire people know how to deal with bad weather.

9. Everything is clearly signposted.

10. Yorkshire benches are the most romantic benches in the UK.

11. It’s the home of the “British Burrito” – a Yorkshire pudding wrap with a side of roasties.

12. It’s also home to the world’s worst Lightning McQueen tribute car.

And at least it’s not Lancashire, where even the RSPCA does awful things to pets.