A pro-leave man has the absolute piss ripped out of him after making up a story about his Mum

These days you probably accept that most of the anecdotes and stories you read on the internet are pure works of fiction designed to get likes – today a Twitter user called Keith Adams posted this tale about his Mum voting:

It didn’t take long for his tweet to go viral, and almost immediately many people pointed why they thought it was a lie – for a start off political discussion is banned inside polling stations and there are other ways that voting is accessible to people with sight loss.

It was also pointed out that according to Keith’s previous tweets, his Mum aged three years in 15 months.

But people also responded with memes and piss-takes, which is probably why you’re reading this after all. So here they are!

Still, Keith has promised to set out all the facts in a blog, so maybe it’s us who will be laughed at when we find out the story about his time travelling Mum who faces 3 months in prison or a £5,000 fine is actually true.