5 Goldfish that look like Hitler

Seriously. This is simply five goldfish that look like Hitler. What more do you want?

1. Mein Karpf!

B*gD*ld* tells Reddit “My daughter’s new gold fish looks like Hitler.”

Source: reddit

2. Heil Fishler!!

“My little sister’s gold fish also looked like Adolf Hitler” boasts Hitler-fish owner sabrefudge, “My sister’s Hitler-Fish didn’t just have the mustache. He had the haircut, angry eyes, and everything. He may have actually been Hitler reincarnated as a gold fish.”

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3. Triumph of the Gills!

“I see your angry goldfish and raise you my evil Hitler goldfish” writes LoganTurk

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4. Heil Tiddler!

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5. And finally… meet George

The five-year-old who belongs to Deborah Cochrane, from Belfast, has developed a distinctive black mark above his mouth which creates an uncanny resemblance to the fishist dictator.

The office worker said: ‘Like Hitler, George is vegetarian – he loves his peas.

‘Whenever I walk into the same room as George I notice he often has a fin raised and worry he is trying to indoctrinate me, but I am just being silly. Surely he is just waving ‘hello’?’

Source: dailymail