This “one simple trick that bin-men HATE” will get you out of putting out the recycling for life!

Gerard2016 has found this great post on Facebook and posted on Reddit saying,”Fun times with recycling.”

Interestingly this provoked real bin-man Huge_pens to reply, “Someone left this one for me once.”

Where as teastain apparently did this completely unintentionally, “Waterbed bag. Unintentional wrapping. Then I saw it!
It was very heavy so I dragged it to the curb, swore at it and gave it a kick.”

And as AlexJacksonPhillips says, “No wonder they got angry at you. You’re not supposed to bag mixed recyclables because the plastic gets tangled up in the bailing machine. I mean, did you even read the pamphlet they sent out?”

* Image at top posed by this silly lad failing to jump over some bins

Only 20 or so seconds long and made us laugh.