This guy is going to be SO EMBARRASSED when he realises from which angle the TV camera is being held

“I don’t think he realized he’d be filmed from this angle”, TheXLR8TR told Reddit.

Purphaz312 writes, “Watched this live – I believe they mentioned he was a former homeland guy but cannot recall his name… and the majority of the interview was from the front waist up. They cut to that angle maybe twice for a few seconds.”

And also doesn’t he look like Ed Balls?

Whereas sabrefudge points out that a similar thing once happened to American journalist, author and conservative radio talk-show Howie Carr.

If you’re wondering WHY these dudes aren’t wearing trousers then as Deains says, “Have you ever been on a studio set? They’re frigging saunas. All that lighting literally cooks you to death, and you usually can’t run a fan or any kind of air con as the noise would disrupt the broadcast.”

Anchorman is REAL, ladies and gents!