German #Euros2016 coach, caught scratching his balls and sniffing his fingers on TV

Bringing new meaning to the phrase “scratch and sniff” Garman Euro2016 coach Joachim Löw checked what his bollocks smelt like live on TV. OOPS!

This really happened and it’s being widely shared on YouTube and Twitter.

Youtube Simone Altrocchi writes,”For those wondering, the commentary is from a live feed from Italian TV, by Gialappa’s Band, a comic trio. They’ve been doing this since 1990’s, and Low is one of their most known targets, because basically, he’s the most tacky human being ever. They take these images that aren’t shown in the normal broadcasts, and they show them. Only us in Italy have them. And we love it.”

Here’s just three of Twitter reactions:



3: This isn’t the first time Joachim Löw has been caught being a bit grim, as the following tweet notes:

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